World Association for Medical Law
Health, Ethics And Law (HEAL)
A series of programs produced by the World Association for Medical Law, containing interviews with prominent experts from around the world, aiming to promote education and deliberation in matters pertaining to medical law, legal medicine and bioethics.
Editing and broadcasting: Adv. Oren Asman.
Scientific advisor: Prof. Thomas Noguchi.

Why produce a radio program?

A central mission of WAML is to promote education for both communities of health workers and health consumers in order to examine and perhaps even produce and impose binding norms wherever this is feasible.   As part of this educational mission, the Association has taken it upon itself to produce a radio program with an international perspective pertaining to Medical Law, Legal Medicine and Bioethics.

What's in the programs?

The interviews are usually held at important international congresses of WAML, or its collaborative organizations, and so a wide range of topics are covered and various states and countries are represented, in the true spirit of WAML.

 It is intended to enhance the involvement of WAML members and the general world-wide public in the important ethical and legal debate concerning health law and legal medicine.  Each program remains available online and can be accessed at any time.   

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